Thursday, December 23, 2010

don't take anyone for granted.. :)

A word of advice for me..........


especially your friends... believe me you're gonna hurt them....
It's HURTING.....
every single second the clock ticking,, you are not realizing that you've hurt them...

""Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity."" ~ KAHLIL GIBRAN

S0,, just a short and simple message to your friends... tell them {{ where are you/ you miss them/ hey let's hang out/ you forgot to call me/
hey i da blik msia..// hey, i kt singap0re rite now / hey i da blik singap0re / or whatever}}}

but you didn't do it.. bc0z u take me for granted.... :'(

okay.. that's funny...*that's s0 n0t me.!!!! *i guess...hahahaha :'(

Friday, December 10, 2010

0leh saya

As i could remember,
I was talking to you,
I was yelling at you,
To improve your personality,
To make it looked perfect as everyone else wished

But, what was that for?
I'm losing you right now,
From the moment you walked away
And disappeared from my sight.

And now, it has been 8 years of waiting,
Waiting and wanting you to come back,
Please!! I'm begging you to come back,

Although i'm still waiting,
I pray for your better life out there,
I miss you and I always do......

jiha~11th Dec 2010 SRC room, CEF@ FKK.....

hahaha... s0rry.. x bag0s mane pun.. it was a 15 minutes' idea... idea yg merapu-rapu while waiting for my sister to settle her work.. :) ngahahaha.. bye2..

0h G0d,, i was writing this on the white board at the Chemical Engineering Faculty... I f0rg0t t0 erase it....die la.... *lari2*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

don't cheat a brilliant man la LOSER!!!!


last week my brother g0t a msg from a LOSER... the message was like this.

"hai, ni ayah nie.. hp ayah lagi hilang nombor baru ayah.. nanti top up rm10"

at first my brother was a bit w0rry since my dad was in KL and he said that he'll be g0ing 2 Jalan TAR (a l0t 0f ppl there) but.......when my br0ther read the message again...he said...

and you kn0w why??

coming back to the message.. the w0rd "hp ayah lagi hilang ni"
WHAT THE HECK.. that was s0 ind0nesian language....
Malay language never teach to put the word "lagi" like that.. hahaha...

my brother dialed dad's ph0ne number and my dad picked up...He told everything to ayah and ayah said "biasa la tu... "PEMBONGAK" (harsh word which refers to a cheater)

s0,, a gentle reminder t0 everyone... if u g0t this message.. please

1~call the other siblings and ask whether dad gave the same message to the others... (like what my brothers did)

2~ try to call dad's old number.. if he picks up the call, ask him about it.. if u reach the voice mail, try a few time and the news might be true... but,, let me tell you something, if your dad lost his phone, he would totally get his old sim card (number) from the mobile outlets. or if he bought a new number, he would totally bought a top up card too.. believe me your dad is brilliant... in fact, to buy a top up card at Jalan TAR is a very..very,..very easy task to do.

that's it fr0m n0w....harap si pembongak insaf..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i w0uld like t0 be one of her music mates

she is very awes0me s0ng writer and she g0t the talent in singing. i like her v0ice very much.. there are als0 a few female (Malaysia singers) voices that i like including Ana Raffali, Yuna, Fynn etc etc... 0kay,, get back t0 her..

She write many beautiful songs that touch the heart of the listeners and make them think that "0h, there're other people who suffer the same disease, feel the same way, being hurt by the surroundings, pretend to feel happy and who are happy in their life"
Listening to her songs make me feel like she's been telling or talking about my story... How cool is that...*she is c00l,, n0t me*
( -_-")

Recently, she was talking about her music mates and i would love to be one of her music mates..
((not because she is a glam person and people will envy me when i am with her)) ngahahaha...but i guess that's not possible... not at all...

impossible~~impossible~~impossible~~ (singing)


can i at least c0ver 0ne 0f y0ur s0ng when i meet u???

Saturday, October 16, 2010


hi every0ne... :)



FLY HIGH is a pre-departure program for students bound to further their studies in Australia and New Zealand. Its main objective is to provide the scholars with information about their future life overseas and also help them prepare for their studies there.


DATE : 24th- 26th DECEMBER 2010
FEE : RM 15 (which is very2 cheap)
VENUE : KUALA LUMPUR (will c0mfirm later)

As far as the theme is concerned, it is also hoped that this event will stimulate the desire and hunger for success among the participants. Obviously, living overseas is deluged with obstacles and hindrances. The ability to turn disadvantages into advantages, as well as to seize the opportunities as they come is absolutely crucial so that participants will appreciate each and every second of their time while they are abroad. In other words, not taking chances for granted.

Find out M0RE b0ut FLY HIGH click HERE

0wh btw,,,I'm just Pr0m0ting dan ajak anda pergi,,... :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


S0,, I n0ticed that there are the mixing 0f languages in my bl0g s0 starting fr0m next p0st,,, this bl0g will have the both English and Malay p0sts..

If I feel I want to express something in English,I’ll write in English and it’s same g0es with Malay… 0h there’ll als0 a mix 0f 2 0r m0re languages in my next p0sts..

Actually, I’ve been thinking 0f having an0ther bl0g to p0st anything in Malay but,, this bl0g is already a dull and b0ring,, why must I create an0ther stupid and a b0ring bl0g.. Right??

F0r the time being,, 0ne bl0g is en0ugh because I’m n0t an active, innovative and a creative bl0gger….bear with me please 0r kindly leave this bl0g because it is n0t interesting at all…. Ngahahahahaha…….

S0 I guess that’s all f0r this p0st…. thank y0u.. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Hour!!!!!


Wishing all 0f u happy Eid Mubarak.... :)

wanna kn0w s0mething??? hehe...
0k i'll lauch the Happy Hour Session!!!! (which had been d0ne last year t00)
What is that??? it is the time f0r u t0 visit me during this hari raya...
and i will give du8 raya!!!!!!!!!!

H0w t0 win it????? very simple...
Just find me within the Happy Hour Session and u must wish
Salam Lebaran 2 me.... :) as simple as that.... and i'll give u du8 raya.. :)

Here's the details....

Happy Hour Session
10.00pm - 12am
the 1st 8 wh0 come to me will get the du8 raya.... :)
c0me 2 my r00m 0r find me if i'm missing... :P
and you'll get this.....

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ (-_-')


0wh ye,, sekali penyertaan je kayh... each pers0n can get 1 0nly.. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya :)

juz wanna wish,,,,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.. :)
Happy Eid Ul Fitr... :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


hahaha.... finally after 2 m0nths stuck in this island...
i decided to buy a j0urney to my h0metown..... :)

hey Tampin,,, here i c0me.... h0h0h0....

0h ya,,, thnx to Ilyana Zafirah,, 1st tyme meeting u "di alam maya" after 6 m0nths u left M'sia.. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


just a sh0rt note 4 u... :)

Happy anniversary…

2 years kn0wing each 0ther..

Take care.. n get enough sleep… :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

st0ry telling

This st0ry was brought up during the CM discussion…. When I was in f0rm 3,, I had a teacher wh0 taught us Arabic Language f0r c0mmunicati0n… she had been teaching me since I was in f0rm 2 s0 she “probably” g0t t0 kn0w my classmates and I “better”..

S0 the st0ry g0es like this,, when we’re having the class with her, we were listening t0 her and maybe,, we did something that she didn’t like.. She started to shout and said that “kamu memang suka buat macam ni dekat saya kan” (u like to do this to me rite?? *direct translati0n*) and she she went 0ut fr0m the class,,, 0h g0sh.. “what have we d0ne?” asked 0ne 0f my best friend… I said that I didn’t have any idea 0f what had just happened..

Then we went t0 the teachers’ r00m “chased” her and asked f0r f0rgiveness.. and we t0ld her that we would n0t repeat the mistake that we’ve d0ne….but we didn’t kn0w 0ur fault…. ????

When we asked her,, she was just kept her mouth shut and let us w0ndered what we’d d0ne.. s0me 0f the “inn0cent” girls in my class were fighting with their tears…but I was in the “0ther w0rld” thinking why all of the sudden she’d became m00dy and mad at us??

I th0ught 0f our behaviour.. maybe because 0f the n0ise that we made in the class.. 0r the b00k that we didn’t submit… but,, hey that’s n0rmal 0kayh..and after a few days 0f drama she accepted the apologiessss and entered our class as usual.. alth0ugh I felt awkward but,, I tried to act n0rmal…

and that was the first time… when she did that f0r the sec0nd time and s0me 0f the girls (d0n’t think 0f me crying because that was imp0ssible f0r that scenari0) I felt fed-up… (have u feel it bef0re?? haha)

my classmates decided to seek f0r revenge!!! Hahaha that’s n0t true..

we went to the teachers’ room again and minta maaf AGAIN!!!... but n0w,, we decided to g0 there 0nce.. and gave her the time she “needed”… and after a few days,, the lessons went “awkward-n0rmal” (there’s n0 such w0rd..haha)

and it turned 0ut that 0nly 0ne student in my class g0t A f0r her subject….
i g0t C and i didn't blame her because it was my fault....

Maybe s0me 0f us thought that this subject wasn’t interesting anym0re.. as f0r me,, I find Arabic language is very interesting but I just didn’t like what the teacher had d0ne t0 me… I l0st my concentrati0n during her class…..duhhh,,, u can see

h0w teacher can give a big impact t0 the students…

err ,, I mean student like me… :(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What’s up with the date?? H0h0h0,,, 2 years ag0,, this was the date I stepped in my c0llege.. Alth0ugh during that time this c0llege was n0t as “beautiful” as it is n0w… (juz imagine 4 the well-equipped college :P )

Few weeks after the suffering orientati0n week with HEP,, I thought about the life in here and h0w I’m g0nna survive with that kind of environment.. well you kn0w,, I was in matriculation bef0re and the life in matriculation were much m0re happier than here.. with the better facilities,, including EN0UGH classes,, classes that are pr0vided with the LCD..and even the better lecture halls…

But, let’s be p0sitive I’ve been here f0r 2 years and I learned to adapt this culture…in fact I love my life no matter what situations I’ve faced in my life…. I l0ve my life and I thanked g0d f0r what I have, what I’ve g0t and what I will have and get..
This is the gr0up where I bel0ng t00 B ed. TESOL COHORT 2....

i was in the washr00m 2 thr0w out the excessive f00d intake... hahaha,,
but i'm still happy eventh0ugh i wasn't in the pic..happy 2 b with them.. :)

n I'm als0 bel0ng 2 the TESL family,,,(0r should I say it includes TESOL,,TEFL,,TEYL,, or whatever they called it)

tO aLL tes0L c0H0rt tw0, 3rd cYcLe,,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

karangan bahasa melayu..lalalalala~~

Berpisah di bangku sek0lah membuatkan ku tertanya-tanya ke mana pergi dirinya yg ku minati…

Hari ke hari aku menanti,, tetapi bayangnya tidak ku temui.. aku hampa,, tetapi tetap meneruskan perjalananku mengejar peperiksaan yg paling menakutkan di sek0lah…apakah aku tidak berasa sedeyh? 0wh itu tidak sama sekali kerana itu bukanlah sifatku yg mereka Nampak dari luaran.

Mungkin mereka tidak nmpak perasaan dsebalik diriku yg suka mengeluarkan kata2 kasar,,yg lebih senang berjalan dengan kumpulan lelaki,, lebih sesuai bermain bola kertas bersama kawan2 lelaki,, dan yg hampir didenda ketika bermain perang2 bersama lelaki yang mengakibatkan seorang perempuan menangis terpanah peluru kertas yang padu bersenjatakan sehelai getah..mungkinkah perwatakan yang seperti itu membuatkan diriku ini dipandang seperti 0rang yang tidak punya perasaan dan tidak berfikir jauh...

namun perspektif itu sama sekali jauh dari kenyataan diriku yang sebenar.. sering kelihatan berseluar pendek dan bertopi, didalam rumah hanyalah kerana pakaian itu tidak ku pakai sewaktu di luar rumah dan ia membantu dlam pergerakan yang lincah didalam rumahku itu...jika diluar,, sehelai tudung cukup menghalang rambut dari terkeluar dan berjurai-jurai,, topi yang ku pkai dalam rumah hanyalah utk memperkemas rambut terutamanya ketika aku sedang khusyuk menggosok pakaian,,makan dan mencuci pakian...

dirinya yang disana..walupun entah dimana,,tidakkah aku ingin bertanya perkabarannya? hati ini mahu tetapi kemudahan berkomunikasi spt facebook masih belum berada di kamus hidupku..

kemana dan dimana harus aku mencari dirinya…hati ini tidak keruan sebenarnya tetapi pabila hari mendatang mengajar erti perpisahan,, hidup ku teruskan dan dirinya mula ku tinggalkan…ia tidak bermakna aku melupakan… memang diriku ini seorang yang cepat bosan tetapi mereka yang pernah terpahat di sanubari ini insyaallah tidak akan dilupakan…

apakah dirinya baik selepas tamat alam yang bermakna menyeronokkan itu? Mungkin kerana dia pernah menjadi sumber inspirasi diri ini aku merasakan dia sentiasa bahagia menuju cita-citanya,,..

tahun-bartahun telah berlalu sehingga satu hari ketika melayari laman yang menjadi kegilaan aku,, aku ternampak dirinya dalam senarai menanti sebagai kenalan….

syukur ku panjatkan kpd yg maha esa kerana dirinya telah ku temui,, walupun dalam alam maya ,,, lebih mengejutkan pabila dirinya juga berada di bumi 0rang yang aku pijak ini… kami sama-sama berada diperantauan dan berbumbungkan cuaca yang sama kerana keinginan menimba ilmu meluaskan pengetahuan…hati ini riang tetapi bolehkah keadaan menjadi seperti dahulu?

Aku menanti saat ketemu.. Seribu kata untuk dikongsi.. seribu rahsia untuk diungkap..penceritaan hidup dua bersaudara…kuasa tuhan semoga berjumpa….

Kpd dirinya yang terbaca atau membaca,, ku ingin ketemu dirimu semula,, tapi malu la plak.. wuuh,, penat plak tulih mcm nie,,, tulih reflections senang ag… hahaha :P

perghhh,, what a l0ng p0st......

huhuhu,,my blog posts should be written in English to enhance the proficiency in English but,, i guess,, it should be okay for this p0st... 0kay la's my blog after all,, not theirs...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

kl0se vs carlisle

S0rry I didn’t have any idea what to write here.., there were plenty of ideas bef0re but when I almost finished wrapping up da story, I pressed the X butt0n and turned off my lappy…they weren’t g00d stories after all.. :)

Since we’re still in the w0rld cup fever and the twilight saga is entering our cinema,, I wanna talk about MY Miroslav Klose and MY Dr Carlisle Cullen. .. but b4 that,, th0usand apologies to MY Lampard, it’s n0t that I abandoned you but lemme talk ab0ut Kl0se 4 a while.. :)

0kayh… what I wanna talk ab0ut Kl0se and Carlisle is that they look alike… you don’t believe me??? Well these are some pictures of them showing that their faces look alike…pardon me if u feel that they are n0t alike.. It is just my opinion… siket2 je same pun jadilah.. :)

s0,, this is my Miroslav Kl0se,,, he's c00l n he's h0t.. cair2.. :)

fyi,, kl0se is a f00tballer and he's currently the Germany's striker....he sc0red 4 g0als in w0rld cup s0 far...(he will sc0re m0re during his last w0rld cup match 2m0r0 m0rning..believe me )

This is Dr Cullen....h0t..h0t...

he's c00l and he's h0t... lalalalala~~

carlisle.. :)

and again,, lemme tell u that carlisle is one of the Twilight's characters. His real name is Peter Facinelli.....scr0ll d0wn f0r his "real face"




Peter Facinelli

isn't he handsome en0ugh?? :P

0k,, back t0 my intenti0n in telling u that b0th Carlisle and Kl0se are alike...siket2 la...
lemme put thier face together...

Carlisle on theleft and Kl0se on the right

they look alike rite!!! see.. i t0ld ya.. ;)

0kayh,,that's it.. i need 2 sleep... g0nna watch Germany later..zzzzzZZzzz....

Monday, April 12, 2010

1st p0st ab0ut a celebrity.. :)

Hell0.. hihihi.. this is the first p0st ab0ut a celebrity
When I was reading a newspaper, I came acr0ss this article “””Tiz, tak reti cakap Melayu ke??””
This news is regarding the winning of Tiz Zaqyah in the “ABPBH” which had been 0rganized by Berita Harian last weekend……

I’m s0 s0rry but I don’t really like what had been stated in the article,,, if u haven’t come acr0ss the news yet,, lemme help u by quoting s0me 0f da sentences :
1~~~Ada yang kata percakapannya (Tiz Zaqyah) dalam bahasa Inggeris pun tak lancar tapi berangan nak cakap 0rang putih…

2~~~~“menyesal aku hantar undi kat dia.”Macam tue ke cara si Tiz tue”kata seorang peminat yang menghabiskan banyak masa untuk menghantar borang pencalonan gara-gara tergoda dengan kejelitaan Tiz

3~~~~The rep0rter said,,“Harap-harap lepas ni ada la produser Hollywood yang dapat bagi tawaran berlakon utk Tiz”

This is my respond towards that article..

N01~~~ hell0!!! What is wr0ng with speaking English????? I dun see anything wr0ng in speaking English when u g0t to do some speech or even starting a c0nversation…. My g00dness,,, Please Mr. Reporter,, BEAR IN MIND THAT English is the sec0nd language in Malaysia and it is whether u speak in ur m0ther t0ngue language (Malay, Chinese, Indian) or English…. “percakapannya dalam bahasa Inggeris pun tak lancar”.. Hey,,what’s the purpose of learning if we do n0t practice it??? Mr Rep0rter,, u are jel0us aren’t u??? at least she kn0ws h0w t0 speak in English alth0gh s0metimes it is n0t as “LANCAR” as all 0f u wanted too…. “berangan”??? DEFINE “berangan”… in this c0ntext, she is n0t “berangan” to speak in English.. She’s already sp0ke English and u’ve already listened to it……..

N02~ are u really the fan of Tiz???eeewwww,, d0n’t tell me that u (dat particular “fan”) are v0ting u are very sincere to supp0rt our local artists!! eleh,, don't u ever think 0f winning the prize 0f "pembaca bertuah"????ceh,, perangai KO!! WTH… Then why are u regretted on??? She’s already win and you will get ur prize if all ur v0tes matched with the winner…what I’ll say to that particular fan is “b0d0nye kau,,” peminat la sgt....!!!

N03~hell0 Mr rep0rter,, what is wr0ng with u??? u juz can’t see people talking in English Malaysian award is it???the pr0ducers in H0llywood d0 n0t l00k at h0w g00d the act0r speaks english language but they will l00k at the talent i repeat TALENT…F0r example,, Jackie Chan,,, I would say that he is n0t 100% g00d in English but people or even the pr0ducers in Hollyw00d still make him one 0f the act0rs in their film because 0f his talent…. What a typical mind 0f a rep0rter that u have..i’m s0 s0rry,, I’m n0t putting this f0r every0ne.. I juz want to make things clear…
D0n’t simply put all ur w0rds d0wn to the newspaper and make fun of people…..that’s it….Think PEOPLE THINK

btw,, i'm n0t really a die hard fan 0f Tiz Zaqyah,, but she's 0ne 0f the l0cal artists beb... supp0rt la sket...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

n9.. :)

thnk y0u allah,, f0r giving the chance f0r
my bel0ved nEGERI sEMBILAN 2 be the winner
for the FA cup... we w0n da cup f0r da 2nd time..
c0mpare t0 Kedah which had already won it for 3 times.. :)
c0ngratulati0n 2 n9 and also Kedah f0r the g00d perf0rmance..
n i w0uld like 2 c0ngratulate the supp0rters f0r
b0th n9 and Kedah f0r being the g00d supp0rters..
(with0ut destr0ying 0ur g0vernment's pr0perties...)

anyway..g00d luck n9 f0r the future...
n g00d luck 2 Baddr0l (fr0m kedah)
u g0t a talent br0.. keep it up...

aidil n zaquan.. u r the best... :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

0h my g0d.. :)takdir tuhan yg indah sebenarnye..

u n0e, when i was in my f0undati0n year,
there was a c0mpetiti0n held in Dewan Ag0ng... (hall)
but unf0rtunately i was busied with da assigments and presentati0n and i didn't
g0 t0 watch the c0mpetiti0n.....

nak dijadikan cerita,,,

my f0ster was perf0rming that nite n i didn't n0e ab0ut dat and i wasn't able 2 watch her perf0rmance
n till n0w,, i haven't seen her playing vi0lin 0r even perf0rming on da stage... sedey...

i wasn't there :(

lebih setahun kemudian.......

my class, tes0l 2, ksed and mued are 0rganizing the Battle 0f da band
and juz n0w was the c0mpetiton f0r the unplugged and instrumental gr0up and t0m0r0w nite will be the c0mpetiti0n f0r the bands...

i was 0ne 0f da participants f0r t0nite and i played drum as it is my fav... (bru je blaja main..n dun have a chance 2 perf0rm b4) i played f0r the CHALKIES and i wasn't even g00d in playing da drum.. hahahha... malunye...

takdir telah menentukan...

when i was ab0ut 2 play, i realized that

my f0stee was n0t there and she didn't n0e ab0ut me (perf0rming 0n stage,, juz n0w)......hahahaha.... amik kau...

0kayh...that's what we called Takdir telah menentukan...

i wasn't able to see my f0ster's perf0rmance and my f0stee wasn't able t0 watch her f0ster's perf0rmance ...hahahha....

0kayh that's n0t funny but.. bila terkenang balik.. hahaha... bukan jangkauan manusia untuk menetukan sesuatu.......renung-renungkan...
:)..... ta~~

Friday, April 2, 2010

I l0ve u Ferrerossss

Hi,, I g0t the idea of letting u n0e my favourite chocolates because who knows, maybe you wanna give me one during my birthday,, anniversary, teacher day,
Friendship day, and EVERYDAY…. huhuu

Yes, I’m so into chocolate.. but I don’t really into the bar chocolate.. but if u wanna give a choco bar,, sepuluh jari saya mnghulur..
But lemme tell my favourite chocolates first… in this p0st, I will emphasise 0n the Ferrer0 pr0ducts.. :)

what i like the most about Ferrero is that the packaging of each and every chocos they made.
although i would say that it is a c0mplex packaging 0f ch0c0 but, that makes the ch0c0s l00k s0 specials... .. :) the ch0c0s l00k very exclusive and they have their 0wn "identity"

1. Kinder Bueno..

Oh my g0d,, I like…I like.. Bueno is one of the Ferrero products…
(that is why when u have tasted it,, you’ll think of Ferrero Rocher)
The taste is more or less as same as the Rocher…
It’s a milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milk and hazelnut filling… superb :)

simple package but it als0 looks expensive (it is expensive)

2. Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher W0,,, I like.. Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate-Covered Specialty, with a smooth filling and whole Hazelnut…Again,, Ferrero product which I admire.. Although I ate it 20 pieces in a Chinnese New Year visit, I still felt like i wanna eat some more.. wowowowo…
they are like the g0ld to me :P

3. Ferrero Rondnoir
very exclusive packaging.. :)

Ferrero Rondnoir…huhuhu.. I like.. Crisp Dark Chocolate-Covered Specialty, with a smooth filling and A dark (I repeat a DARK) chocolate centre.. my g0d,, when I first tasted it,, I felt like flying in the sky… You should try it,, but I repeat it’s a dark chocolate.. if you don’t like the chocolate with no sugar added,, please don’t try it.. You’ll give bad impression on this Rondnoir…hihihii :) Warrhhhhhhh :)

4. Ferrero Raffaello

These though are white chocolate, filled with a praline cream and a hazelnut, and coated in desiccated coconut. Sounds lovely rite??? It is very delicious… 0h my g0d,, I’m craving for this ferrero. When u open the transparent packaging of this Raffaello, you will smell the coconut scent. If u are 0ne 0f ch0c0 l0ver, u will agree wth me that white choco is a bit sweeter than the normal ch0c0. S0 when u taste this Raffaello, u will feel that it is a bit sweater than Rocher. But I juz l0ve it because 0f the coconut coating..yummy… I like~~~

0ne thing f0r sure is that the price f0r all these ch0c0sss are very,,,very,,very,, expensive but sumtime u can spend 0n the things u like and s0 d0 i...but most of the time i can 0nly l00k at them because they are too expensive f0r me...s0b..s0b..s0b...

s0,, that's it f0r this p0st,, will tell u ab0ut other fav ch0c0s...but ferrero's pr0ducts = awes0me.. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st malay tongue twister by the ramshackle brain

this is the first p0st in Malay Language..... regarding the Malay t0ngue twister..
hahaha.... (stupid t0ngue twister by me)

btw,, this is n0t related t0 each and every0ne 0f u.. i repeat n0t related....

This is the thing....

walaupun aku x suka cakap yg aku mmg x ske kau tp aku tak suke cakap ape yg orang x suke.. aku taw ko x suke aku.. tp aku pun lupe nk cakp yg aku pun x suke kau.s0 mmg kita saling x suke tp susah nk ckp yg kita x suke kamu dgn orang yg kita x suka.. tak0t sakitkan ati 0rng kita x suka.. kita berdua mmg x suka sakit kan ati 0rng kita x suka... namun mcm mana nk cakap supaya yg x suka itu tetap menjadi tak suka..... dan tak sakitkan hati orang yg x suka kamu..

apenie???? (What the hell is this??)
hahaha... saya x suka bila saya ngant0k.... inilah hasilnya.......lalalala..... c0llapse... o-<

h0w many w0rd "x suka" have been repeated in the sentences???? c0unt them...
there are many 0ther malay t0ngue twister fr0m the ramshackle brain.... c u. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


alth0ugh it has been awhile,,,

i still need u...may allah bless u always..

i l0ve u... and i really d0,,, always luv u..


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

arghhhhhh KRS UNIF0RM again!!!!!!

0h g0d...
2m0r0 m0rnink.... g0nna walk 2 the field and wear
KRS Unif0rm..
i hate that freakkin unif0rm la... :(
but wut 2 d0... th0se ppl "cakap x serupa bikin"
they've been telling us that u are g0in 2 wear that unif0rm just 4 1 semester in ur f0undati0n c0urse.....
but n0w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what happen????
u asked us 2 wear it again...

0k,,, fine,, that's it 4 this p0st...

things 2 emphasise here is that i dun wanna wear that unif0rm bc0z it takes me
ab0ut 1 h0ur 2 wear it c0mpletely.. :(
leceh la...............!!!!!!!!!!

but 0n the p0sitive side....

see the pic bel0w...

camwh0ring la plak... :)

hahaha..... that's it... see ya.. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

0h my g0d,, it's hard 2 say i'm quit..

yeah... that's what i think.... 0h g0d what a t0ugh thing 2 d0...
"dear________,, i'm s0rry but i wanna quit"..


WHY u wanna quit JIHA?????

Well,,, these are the reasons,,,

the first reas0n is that,, i've seen them w0rking 0n it... they w0rked
like damn hard,, n u can see their faces... th0se faces wh0 i l0ve n i c0uldn't bear 2 see their faces when they are really tired...... i really can't bear 2 see them...

YES,,,,, It's true that when we were d0ing this,, we were 2gether but can u imagine h0w
we actually "g0 thr0ugh" it... i am tired... n i can't see them w0rking very hard but at the same time i see s0me 0f them including me,, didn't d0 the w0rk pr0perly n s0metime they are n0t even c0ntributing 2 it... hey!!!hey!!!hey!! u think i didn't see ur face?????haish~~

but i admit that i was n0t c0ntributing t0 it too... n that's the reas0n SAYA MENGUNDUR DIRI
(I quit the j0b)...........

see,,, u can't even see their face like this......hahaha.. saya c0mel

next is ab0ut the fulus which had been c0llected.... 0h g0d,,, if it is g0ing 2 b devided,, h0w much can u get???with the hardship that you have been c0ntribute 2 it...

it is n0t that i'm being negative but... well u can even think it twice...

n the nxt res0n is,,, i dun have enuf _________.... 0h my g0d... i better keep it 4 the future...
bcause it is very useful 4 the next 8 m0nths...g0d there are many things 2 buy man...

it is up 2 u,,, what u wanna d0 and what u wanna say....but what m0re imp0rtant is that

i wanna quit because i'm tireddddddddddddddddddddd


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey,, this is 4 u... :)

Hey bl0ggers n readers... s0rry 4 taking so long
2 p0st s0mething in my bl0g... it was just because
i've been running 0ut 0f ideas.. :) :) *lame excuse :)

0kay,, let's get back 2 the title.. :)
Say Hell0 2 degree year...t0day is the 7th day i walk 2 class...
i've seen s0me 0f the new things in my maktab.. well, actually it's just a little bit
0f impr0vement.. :) but what m0re imp0rtant is that
i g0tta feelin that i've l0sing s0mething too...

i can't see them,,, walking ar0und in maktab with thier friends,,
i didn't see them walking very late 2 class because they dont have the early class like we d0..
(i'm n0t a stalker btw.. )
i couldn't see them smiling at me again,, calling my name,, and what make me sad :( is that i can't even walk with them here.... :) h0h0h0...

just wanna tell them that i miss them......

Take a very g00d care 0f yourselves there... tke care every0ne..
i'll meet y0u next year there.. :) tata~

p/s s0rry c0uldn't send you to the airp0rt because 0f s0me pr0blems which we could n0t avoid.. :(