Thursday, March 24, 2011


errr... I'm thinking of managing another blog..... but I' not sure about it... Some  friends asked me to write/ share something valuable rather than posting all sorts of nonsense things here. BUT!!
i guess this blog is not suitable for that... this blog is full with CRAPS... if crap is an animal,, i'll be a rich lady because I 'rare' CRAPS in my blog and THEIR FAMILies develop in my blog day by day...I can sell it and get some money to travel to US.....*CHECKING US flight ticket and it's cheap..probably next year~~~~~ *

so, i'll be creating a new blog and post more relevant, intelligent and serious topic...but.. the BIG Q here is 



{I hope it can be a reality or it will turn out to be in the 'things-not-to-do' lists.. huhuhu :D}

Sunday, March 20, 2011


td ..
sedang aku melayari internet..dan melayari site2 nie ..

~william de jean
~fb ilyana zafirah
~Changing profile picture
~the idea of the ramshackle brain..
~macquarie University
~blog tentang 'a husband for a prince'

berlakulah perbualan antara Mint dan Aku

Mint : eh,, u pun read that blog ek???
Me : eh,, naaa,, juz going through.. wanna c whether those pictures were taken b4 they g0t married or after..
Mint : Owh.. nape u w0nder??
Me : ye la,, if la amik b4 married xde la jalan cerita blog tue best sgt c0z 4 me 8 months dah l0ng en0ugh tuk kenal hari budi masing-masing.. hehehehe.. 
Mint : 0wh....
Me : even 2 days kenal pun dah leyh gad0.. lalalala (kenangan kenal dgn a friend)
Mint : hahaha...... (long pause) u,, i cabut plug nie jap..
(tanpa berlengah Mint pun mencabut plug lappy ku... dah la laptop nie aku x ltak battery.. suddenly gelap laptop aku)
Me : Plug ape Mint??? (LAPTOP PUN PADAM)
Me : MINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adei.... itulah... meng0mpat lagi... adei.. tr0s aku x bukak dah bl0g tue... aku 0n laptop and teruskan melayari bl0g nie tuk citer bende nie...KAYH BYE!!! assingment wei... die la...  -_-


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"Silence is golden... 
I knew about it...
A few people had showed me,
A few people had taught me..but....."  

but the point is i never learned... lalalalala~~~

lemme q0ute s0mething that i g0t fr0m my sharing session with my friends just now..

"Bercakap tidaklah dilarang secara umum, Diam pula tidak disuruh secara mutlak"

insyaAllah.. Silence is the best way.... kerana..  "90% kesejahteraan itu terdapat dari DIAM"

it is either you say good things about people or anything else or you keep your mouth shut!!!!!

"tapi saya menaip,, bukan bercakap""

sama la b0d0... cube k0 cakap dengan kuat ape yang ko nak taip and taip sambil bercakap dengan kuat!!!sama kan??? well,, k0 dah cukup besar tuk berfikir... thats all..  :)

entry yg pendek sbb x de idea  :)
DIAM ye semua  :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

if mathematics was a food..

""if mathematics was a food.. it would be a chicken soup because the food is healthy and it suits for everyone at every age..if you're sick,, please have a bowl of chicken soup because it keeps your body warm...and to make a bowl of chicken soup you will need the ingredients and the procedures that you have to follow.. and thats what we call maths.."" 

that's what i wrote when micheal cavagnah asked that question.....he gave me only 2 minutes.... and i g0t to write those sentences..... well at least i had mine~~~~~

m0de : maths assigments...   die la....  -_-"