Monday, November 2, 2009

My Birthday Giftzz

As I said in the earlier p0st,, just wanna sh0w u the presentzz f0r my birthday..

The purp0se 0f sh0wing the presentss is just 2 sh0w my sense 0f appreciati0n t0wards my friends.. (bukan nak sh0w 0ff ape yang I dapat..) it is just the attitude of gratitude.. :P

Here are the presntzz…

I received this fr0m anis…I like it al0t..

Thank y0u anis.. I receieved this pill0w ar0und 00:04… sooooooooo happyyy..

blue flint st0ne pill0w

The next present was given by my beloved roommate, Dee

Actually I was with her when she t00k and paid this present but I didn’t realize that it was 4 me.. J

It is the Beryl's

Next is the McD present treated by Anisah..when we went 2 Perangin Mall.. :P
I 0rdered Mc Chicken set and this was the present f0r me..

Mc D0nald..I'm l0vin it.. (p0y0)

Next was given by Atien..(Gam Uhu)
wHAt's that?????

Guess wh0 am i.. :)







a c0mel-like-me pingu... :)

the pr0blem is that i dun have the name f0r pingu (n0t a real name) yet....
still finding the suitable name f0r pingu.... any idea??

0keh.. after c0mbining all the presentzz,, this is the picture, :)

yeah..with all inside.. ;)

0wh ya..
was h0ping that if any0ne can buy me a new perfume..mine is getting habis la.. :(

errr,, any0ne wanna belanje me this?????????

lalalalala~..huhuhu...0key.. see ya...

credit t0 : Gam uhu's bear..TQ's r00m n my Jessica.. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

b4,, During and After 30th 0ct0ber 2009 :)

These are the st0ries ab0ut the activities that I did fr0m a day bef0re my birthday…
during my birthday and a day after…

0n 29th 0ct0ber 2009…..
After the exams we, (me,, Miss J, dee,,nabila and anis )
went 2 Queensbay at 5.30pm.. rushing 4 J.C0 c0z afraid that the J.C0’s y0gurt habis…
then we walked 0ut fr0m QB Mall,, went 2 the beach t0 buy “Satay Ikan” (Fish Satay) which c0st 0nly 20 cent each.. huhuhu… s0 cheeeeaaaappp…

my J.CO.. :) (n0t my rum)

sate ikan.... 1st time eating it..sedap..(thnx anis...she asked me 2 try..) :)

then we m0ved back inside QBmall… n st0pped at the Hall0ween stage at the gr0und fl00r, N0rth’s Entrance .. (if I’m n0t mistaken) and find 0ut b0ut the adult hall0ween c0stume c0mpetiti0n..huhuhu…
(actually we knew b0ut it b4 the exams) then we th0ught b0ut the c0stume.. ting..ting..ting,.. (Thinking b0ut the c0stume and decided 2 g0.. )

this is the thing... :)

after several h0urs in QB,, we went h0me (maktab) .. :)

On 30th 0ct0ber 2009 ( my birthday)..

00:00 – 03.00
Reading messages,, c0mments and entertain callszzz (ceh p0y0 gler) fr0m my friendzz and family n relatives.. :)
Sh0cked by the surprised wishes fr0m all the TESL c0h0rt 2, “Palarian gurlzzz” (mcm pelarian..hahahaha) thnx al0t 4 ur wishes,, bday s0ngs,,,supp0rts,, prayers,, n presentzzz… :)
(i'll sh0w all my bday presentsz in the next p0st)

Then??? Sleeeeeeepppppp…
W0ke up after 12…lalalala~ went 2 Perangin Mall 2 fixed the handph0ne with anisah and ieqa…then nisah belanje me McD.. f0r my bday..huhuhu…happy~ wee..
then jalan2 and came back at 5.30pm..

then lepak at my rum and call my friendssss..till 00:00, 31st 0ct….weee~ mish all 0f u.. :)
the g00d thing was that we were planning 4 the next "kerje jahat" kt mlake..lalala~

0n 31st 0ct0ber 2009 ( a day after)

W0ke up early and went t0 QB again.. since it is the Halloween celeb..huhuhu…went 2

But it end up with this..








r0LLER blading instead 0f helluva hall0ween party ...huhuhuu...besh la... :)

me n shap...5 h0urs there.. :)

me n izzaty...wanna g0 there again.. :) nmpak tinggi la Chris...

Hahaha,, entered the r0ller blade (inline skate) “runaway” at the Central Park QB
Ar0und 5.30pm a gr0up 0f ppl wth the c0stumes walked in to the “runaway” and I g0t the chance 2 see them..lalala… n0t scary en0ugh la n n0t "grand" at all…then after fell d0wn several times,, we decided t0 c0me back 2 maktab tercinta…and that’s the end...

m0ral 0f the st0ry…don't ANGAN2 je nk j0in hall0ween party…huhuhu… btw,, that s0-called Hall0ween party is b0ring…lalalala~

credit 2 TQ and Gam Uhu.. was in thier r00m.. :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My 0ppini0n V0l 1

The qu0ttati0ns were taken from the internet..juz wanna share my oppinion with the readers..
u can share ur 0ppini0n and lemme kn0w if u wanna p0st it at ur 0wn bl0g.. :) i'll read it..hihihi

  • A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile.

Hahaha.. it’s true.. when u smile to sum1,, the pers0n that u smile to, will smile back at u.. but the percentage is 65% because n0wadays there are al0t 0f ppL wh0 prefer n0t to smile to any0ne.. hahaha… (masalah bet0l) they rather l00king at their handph0nes t0 check whether g0t any message sent by their friends.. (padahal xde p0wn trime ape2 msj 1 ari tue).. I l0ve 2 smile to ppL (but n0t every guy la…nnt ckp I gedix plaks)..if I see a guy smile at me in a p0lite way,, I’ll smile back and n0d my face to sh0w s0me respect… penah je I senyum kt bapak 0rg n a boyfriend 0f a girl. (bc0z they sh0wed me s0me respect.. s0,, why n0t t0 smile back t0 them.. huhuhu..)

  • If you love someone more than anything,

Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.

100% agree…(excluded Allah and Prophet Muhammad bec0z the l0ve t0wards them are eternity and I believe Allah is always near t0 me).back to the q0ute.. this apply to my family,, and friends.. 0h g0d.. I l0ve my family m0re than any0ne else… and I dun have to w0rry c0z distance 0nly the matters to my mind, and my physical b0dy, c0z first,, I am very far fr0m them and second,,, sumtimes I am busy with my assigments (p0y0) and sumtime make “sikit” distance between me and my family in my mind… but in my heart and s0ul.. There’s n0 distance at all.. I feel that they are always beside me.. Always talk t0 me….(pendek kan)

It als0 apply in the relati0nship…I have a l0t 0f friends wh0 feel this way with their partner… believe me.. if u l0ve him m0re than anything,, u can 0nly feel the distance in the mind.. n0t in the heart… and I believe that a distance relationship d0es w0rk …Trust ur partner..huhu..v0te f0r distance relati0nship.. (p0y0 x??)

  • It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it.

100% disagree…f0r me,, it is n0t easy f0r me t0 say this three w0rds… but if I already said it t0 sum1 in a bit,, I repeat,, a bit serious way, it means I really l0ve u..0h I’ve said it t0 my friendszzz and it d0esn’t take me a lifetime t0 pr0ve it…

They kn0w that I l0ve them and the enemies kn0w that I hate them.. see,, n0 need a lifetime t0 pr0ve it…hahaha…0wh,, btw,, t0 say I l0ve u sumtime takes 5 sec0nds.. I........L0ve..........y0u.. see,, m0re than 3 sec0nds..hahaha...

0kay,, there are al0t m0re t0 g0….tunggu dan lihat… :)

yg taip x menentu ,,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Under c0nstructi0n :)

hehehe.. currently under c0nstructi0n...
s0rry 4 inc0nvenient ... :P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mY Vacati0n... huhuhuhu


2day i'm g0nna tell u b0ut da tRip 2 ind0nesia...
it Happened duRing da last H0ls.. da tRip was called da
ProgRam Silang Budaya. It was 0Rganised by my Br0's sch00l..
where it inv0lved the paRticipati0n and supp0Rt fR0m da
PTA (PaRents Teacher Ass0sIAti0n) 0r PIBG... since my fatheR
is 0ne 0f the PTA membeRs, da sch00l invited him 2 g0 n da best
paRt was, the family 0f the PTA membeRs weRe als0 invited...
di pendekkan crita...pergilah kami ke Ind0nesie..fR0m 1st - 5th June 2009

That was da 1st tme i travelled by flight...huhuhu..suke..suke..
maklum la,, sy nie x penah nek kapal TeRbang.. tue yg mak cik bangge tue.. :D
We went 2 Bukit Tinggi and stayed theRe f0r 3 nights..
the weatheR thRe was ab0ut 24-29 degree Celcius and it was a lttle bit c0lder than
Penang, Melaka, NegeRi Sembilan dan kwasn2 yg sewaktu dgnnye..

Dat h0tel had NO,, i repeat NO,, air-c0nd 0r even a fan. it ws bc0z 0f da wetheR..
s0 we were happy staying thRe and weRe enj0ying 0uR vacati0n...

s0, ppl thRe called the w0rd sh0pping,, as "MEL0NTAr"...
melontaR wang and du8 i thinnkkk..

All the ibu ibu dan bapa bapa n guru guru were very bz with da
place to Mel0ntaR and da pRice that they 0ffeRed us.
The things dat were s0ld by the ppl there were the BLouses,,telekung,,
kain pelekat, key chains, n m0re 2 c0lthing stuff..

n the place that we visited weRe aR0und Bukit Tinggi,,
Padang,, PagaR Ruyung, pAdang and many 0theR palces which
i c0uldn't RemembeR..huhu..
heRe r s0me pix f0R u..

1st tme nek kapal terbang...huhuhu..suke,.suke :D

Visiting Istana Pagar's da real palace but
unf0rtunately ia dh terbakr.. skrg tgh wat baru..

Sch00l visit... with Ibu Niel..
(she is a teacher teaching da Account subject)

penjual yg sanggup dtg ke perkarangan H0tel kami..

what a green scenery... happpy 2 see it (envir0nmnt l0ver :D )

Huhuhu.. Bangga ku menjadi rakyat Tampin,, N9 n M'sia... :D

mem0ry at Andalas University :D

The Chicks Abuse...hahaha,... Jahat gler.. :(

sense 0f appreciati0n... da principal give the sourviner 2 0ur
t0urist guide..his name is Subari.. wE called him Bari.. :D

banyak je crite lg and da places we had visited during 5 days there...
but if i'm writing it here..mesti nnt x ckup2..

k,, datz all... taaa~daaa~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back 2 Maktab.... :(

hei there....
finally i'm here...
it was a sh0rt h0liday 4 me...
was thinking 0f my h0use...
my family...

waaaaaaaa.... sedey plak...
i need 2 walk 2 class...
n0 m0re m0t0rcycle or car like h0me..

the next day at h0me will be da fasting m0nth..
s0,,, sad... kamp0ng ku ja0h..... :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally it ends...

We had juz finished the dramatizati0n
0f M0V...

fuh,, relived gler...
thnx 2 all ma grup member..
it really w0rked..
esp da
AF part... adieu POrtia...

yeay..... :D

0h,, 0k.. g0nna pack my things,,,
g0tta think whre 2 "sumbat" my things...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day..

Happy Teacher's Day..

I would like 2 wish Happy Teacher's Day
2 all my beloved teachers who had taught me the
meaning of life..
With0ut them,, I would have died of hunger..
The hunger of knowledge and attenti0n..

Lemme try 2 name all da teachers who had taught me..

The first teachers of my life are
  • Rohaya Binti Hashim.. (My mother,,mak,, mama)
  • Nor Mohamed Bin Hussin. (My father,, ayah,,papa)
  • n all my siblings..
  • Muhammad Firdaus(along),, Muhammaad Najib (Angah)
  • Nurul Syahirah(akak),,Muhammad Akmal Hisyam(Hisyam)

My family.... muah2 :D

They are the first teachers..they taught me the meaning of life..
They are still my teachrs and will always be.. luv them m0re
than everyone else in the world..
(after my God,Allah n Prophet Muhammad)

Kindergarten teachers..
  • Cikgu Shar0m,, n Cikgu Fatimah..
Then, primary skul
C(stand 4 cikgu),,U(Ustazah/Ustaz),,T(Teacher) S(Sir)

C.Hasimah,,C.Marzatul Akma,,C.Zalina,,C.Amran,
C.Habibah,,T0k Sudin,, C.Rosnah.C.Norizan,U.Rahimah,
C.Aisyah,,C.Chew,,C.Gan,,C.Lau,,n all the teachers including
all Cekguu Praktikum..
  • My beloved best frenz.. (u taught me 2 b naughty s i m n0w)
Mr.Chan,Ms Oii, T.Tan Bee Suan,,
T.Faridah,T.Rafidah,C.Md Noor,,
Pn.Juriah,, T.Zaleha,,T.Sariah,,
Pn Heng Jee Soon,, Pn Fauziah,,
C.Saleha, U.Mastura,,U.Abi,,
C.Wahab. (couldn't rmmbr s0me)

and all secndary skuul mates..
With My Science/Bi0 Teacher..Ms Tan Bee Suan.

aLL my Tuiti0n teachers..
Mrs Gill, Mr Chan, C.Ariff,,
C.Raja,,Mr bOONG,,C.Vivekananda,,
Mr Sam,,C.Citra Dewi,,Mr G0h,,
T.Maheswari,,My Chem, Mr L0k,,
n many 0thers wh0m i couldn't rmmbr..

Cik Hajar,,C.Ariffin,Pn Arbai'yah
Mr Chai,C.Salwana,,Madam,,

IPGM Penang.. (susunan d0esn't symbolize anything)

Madam R0VENA CAPEL,, Ms Letch,,
Mr n Mrs Te0,,Ms Ch00ng,,Ms Ch0ng,
Mr G,,Ms Lok,Mr G0h,,Mr Jamal,,
Madam Salmah,,Madam Pat,,Dr Koay,,
Mr Rijeng..
n all the lecturers in IPP,,

Madam ku,,0pss Madam Rovena Capel :D

My Tut0r, Ms Letch.. :D

ANd To all the future teachers
  • Me, myself..
  • My best fren,Amirah
  • My family, Tesl C0h0rt 2 IPP..
My TESL C0H0RT 2.. :D
  • My Seniors, Tes0l Cohort 1 IPP-MCQ..

TESL C0H0RT 1.. (st0le fr0m s0me0ne...s0rry :D)
  • n all the future teachrs 0f da w0rld..

Future Teacher singing Guru Malaysia.. :D
Future Teachers gler Glam0ur

AND all the future Teacher wh0 sleep in da class.........


Ayer (n0t a real name).. :D

Q,, (n0t a real name) :D

n cutie .. (0ps s0rry,,wr0ng pic)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sTill new...testing

The kids had inspired me to create this bl0g.,.
lemme tell u da my xperince during da Lnguage Camp
with th0se kids...

i was given da tme 2 meet the chldren,, fr0m
Sekolah kebangsaan Jitra 3. during da visit,
we had to conduct the activities. i was in charged for
year 1 kids,
we sang 2gether n did l0ts 0f thing.
we had given 0nly 2 h0urs 2 meet da kids,,

as the 2 hours pass by, we had 2 end da sessi0n n
gathered them at da hall,,
un4tunately, my year 1 pupils were running back 2 their
class,, i had 2 cll them back..
n surprisingly, a girl named Afifah giv me a fl0wer..
it's a r0se,, and it's red my G0D...
h0w luvly.. n an0ther sweet little boy gave me
(i dun n0e h0w 2 named it,,)
i juz named it "IKAN"..(bc0z he t0ld me,, this ikan is 4 u)
0h,,it's really touched my heart n s0ul..
thanx 2 them..

those were da first n 2nd gift f0r a teacher.(me) :D

The cute small fish and the Red rose

clearly seen the red rose n ikan

Tht's all 4 ths p0st,, still new,, and still learning.. :D