Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sTill new...testing

The kids had inspired me to create this bl0g.,.
lemme tell u da my xperince during da Lnguage Camp
with th0se kids...

i was given da tme 2 meet the chldren,, fr0m
Sekolah kebangsaan Jitra 3. during da visit,
we had to conduct the activities. i was in charged for
year 1 kids,
we sang 2gether n did l0ts 0f thing.
we had given 0nly 2 h0urs 2 meet da kids,,

as the 2 hours pass by, we had 2 end da sessi0n n
gathered them at da hall,,
un4tunately, my year 1 pupils were running back 2 their
class,, i had 2 cll them back..
n surprisingly, a girl named Afifah giv me a fl0wer..
it's a r0se,, and it's red my G0D...
h0w luvly.. n an0ther sweet little boy gave me
(i dun n0e h0w 2 named it,,)
i juz named it "IKAN"..(bc0z he t0ld me,, this ikan is 4 u)
0h,,it's really touched my heart n s0ul..
thanx 2 them..

those were da first n 2nd gift f0r a teacher.(me) :D

The cute small fish and the Red rose

clearly seen the red rose n ikan

Tht's all 4 ths p0st,, still new,, and still learning.. :D


mademoiselle tq said...

owh... that's cute.. (the presents la...) =P

The Tearaway said...

tp u nk ckp i cute jgak kan!!
taw da...hahaha..
Thnx mademoiselle tq