Wednesday, January 20, 2010

arghhhhhh KRS UNIF0RM again!!!!!!

0h g0d...
2m0r0 m0rnink.... g0nna walk 2 the field and wear
KRS Unif0rm..
i hate that freakkin unif0rm la... :(
but wut 2 d0... th0se ppl "cakap x serupa bikin"
they've been telling us that u are g0in 2 wear that unif0rm just 4 1 semester in ur f0undati0n c0urse.....
but n0w!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what happen????
u asked us 2 wear it again...

0k,,, fine,, that's it 4 this p0st...

things 2 emphasise here is that i dun wanna wear that unif0rm bc0z it takes me
ab0ut 1 h0ur 2 wear it c0mpletely.. :(
leceh la...............!!!!!!!!!!

but 0n the p0sitive side....

see the pic bel0w...

camwh0ring la plak... :)

hahaha..... that's it... see ya.. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

0h my g0d,, it's hard 2 say i'm quit..

yeah... that's what i think.... 0h g0d what a t0ugh thing 2 d0...
"dear________,, i'm s0rry but i wanna quit"..


WHY u wanna quit JIHA?????

Well,,, these are the reasons,,,

the first reas0n is that,, i've seen them w0rking 0n it... they w0rked
like damn hard,, n u can see their faces... th0se faces wh0 i l0ve n i c0uldn't bear 2 see their faces when they are really tired...... i really can't bear 2 see them...

YES,,,,, It's true that when we were d0ing this,, we were 2gether but can u imagine h0w
we actually "g0 thr0ugh" it... i am tired... n i can't see them w0rking very hard but at the same time i see s0me 0f them including me,, didn't d0 the w0rk pr0perly n s0metime they are n0t even c0ntributing 2 it... hey!!!hey!!!hey!! u think i didn't see ur face?????haish~~

but i admit that i was n0t c0ntributing t0 it too... n that's the reas0n SAYA MENGUNDUR DIRI
(I quit the j0b)...........

see,,, u can't even see their face like this......hahaha.. saya c0mel

next is ab0ut the fulus which had been c0llected.... 0h g0d,,, if it is g0ing 2 b devided,, h0w much can u get???with the hardship that you have been c0ntribute 2 it...

it is n0t that i'm being negative but... well u can even think it twice...

n the nxt res0n is,,, i dun have enuf _________.... 0h my g0d... i better keep it 4 the future...
bcause it is very useful 4 the next 8 m0nths...g0d there are many things 2 buy man...

it is up 2 u,,, what u wanna d0 and what u wanna say....but what m0re imp0rtant is that

i wanna quit because i'm tireddddddddddddddddddddd


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey,, this is 4 u... :)

Hey bl0ggers n readers... s0rry 4 taking so long
2 p0st s0mething in my bl0g... it was just because
i've been running 0ut 0f ideas.. :) :) *lame excuse :)

0kay,, let's get back 2 the title.. :)
Say Hell0 2 degree year...t0day is the 7th day i walk 2 class...
i've seen s0me 0f the new things in my maktab.. well, actually it's just a little bit
0f impr0vement.. :) but what m0re imp0rtant is that
i g0tta feelin that i've l0sing s0mething too...

i can't see them,,, walking ar0und in maktab with thier friends,,
i didn't see them walking very late 2 class because they dont have the early class like we d0..
(i'm n0t a stalker btw.. )
i couldn't see them smiling at me again,, calling my name,, and what make me sad :( is that i can't even walk with them here.... :) h0h0h0...

just wanna tell them that i miss them......

Take a very g00d care 0f yourselves there... tke care every0ne..
i'll meet y0u next year there.. :) tata~

p/s s0rry c0uldn't send you to the airp0rt because 0f s0me pr0blems which we could n0t avoid.. :(