Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally it ends...

We had juz finished the dramatizati0n
0f M0V...

fuh,, relived gler...
thnx 2 all ma grup member..
it really w0rked..
esp da
AF part... adieu POrtia...

yeay..... :D

0h,, 0k.. g0nna pack my things,,,
g0tta think whre 2 "sumbat" my things...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day..

Happy Teacher's Day..

I would like 2 wish Happy Teacher's Day
2 all my beloved teachers who had taught me the
meaning of life..
With0ut them,, I would have died of hunger..
The hunger of knowledge and attenti0n..

Lemme try 2 name all da teachers who had taught me..

The first teachers of my life are
  • Rohaya Binti Hashim.. (My mother,,mak,, mama)
  • Nor Mohamed Bin Hussin. (My father,, ayah,,papa)
  • n all my siblings..
  • Muhammad Firdaus(along),, Muhammaad Najib (Angah)
  • Nurul Syahirah(akak),,Muhammad Akmal Hisyam(Hisyam)

My family.... muah2 :D

They are the first teachers..they taught me the meaning of life..
They are still my teachrs and will always be.. luv them m0re
than everyone else in the world..
(after my God,Allah n Prophet Muhammad)

Kindergarten teachers..
  • Cikgu Shar0m,, n Cikgu Fatimah..
Then, primary skul
C(stand 4 cikgu),,U(Ustazah/Ustaz),,T(Teacher) S(Sir)

C.Hasimah,,C.Marzatul Akma,,C.Zalina,,C.Amran,
C.Habibah,,T0k Sudin,, C.Rosnah.C.Norizan,U.Rahimah,
C.Aisyah,,C.Chew,,C.Gan,,C.Lau,,n all the teachers including
all Cekguu Praktikum..
  • My beloved best frenz.. (u taught me 2 b naughty s i m n0w)
Mr.Chan,Ms Oii, T.Tan Bee Suan,,
T.Faridah,T.Rafidah,C.Md Noor,,
Pn.Juriah,, T.Zaleha,,T.Sariah,,
Pn Heng Jee Soon,, Pn Fauziah,,
C.Saleha, U.Mastura,,U.Abi,,
C.Wahab. (couldn't rmmbr s0me)

and all secndary skuul mates..
With My Science/Bi0 Teacher..Ms Tan Bee Suan.

aLL my Tuiti0n teachers..
Mrs Gill, Mr Chan, C.Ariff,,
C.Raja,,Mr bOONG,,C.Vivekananda,,
Mr Sam,,C.Citra Dewi,,Mr G0h,,
T.Maheswari,,My Chem, Mr L0k,,
n many 0thers wh0m i couldn't rmmbr..

Cik Hajar,,C.Ariffin,Pn Arbai'yah
Mr Chai,C.Salwana,,Madam,,

IPGM Penang.. (susunan d0esn't symbolize anything)

Madam R0VENA CAPEL,, Ms Letch,,
Mr n Mrs Te0,,Ms Ch00ng,,Ms Ch0ng,
Mr G,,Ms Lok,Mr G0h,,Mr Jamal,,
Madam Salmah,,Madam Pat,,Dr Koay,,
Mr Rijeng..
n all the lecturers in IPP,,

Madam ku,,0pss Madam Rovena Capel :D

My Tut0r, Ms Letch.. :D

ANd To all the future teachers
  • Me, myself..
  • My best fren,Amirah
  • My family, Tesl C0h0rt 2 IPP..
My TESL C0H0RT 2.. :D
  • My Seniors, Tes0l Cohort 1 IPP-MCQ..

TESL C0H0RT 1.. (st0le fr0m s0me0ne...s0rry :D)
  • n all the future teachrs 0f da w0rld..

Future Teacher singing Guru Malaysia.. :D
Future Teachers gler Glam0ur

AND all the future Teacher wh0 sleep in da class.........


Ayer (n0t a real name).. :D

Q,, (n0t a real name) :D

n cutie .. (0ps s0rry,,wr0ng pic)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sTill new...testing

The kids had inspired me to create this bl0g.,.
lemme tell u da my xperince during da Lnguage Camp
with th0se kids...

i was given da tme 2 meet the chldren,, fr0m
Sekolah kebangsaan Jitra 3. during da visit,
we had to conduct the activities. i was in charged for
year 1 kids,
we sang 2gether n did l0ts 0f thing.
we had given 0nly 2 h0urs 2 meet da kids,,

as the 2 hours pass by, we had 2 end da sessi0n n
gathered them at da hall,,
un4tunately, my year 1 pupils were running back 2 their
class,, i had 2 cll them back..
n surprisingly, a girl named Afifah giv me a fl0wer..
it's a r0se,, and it's red my G0D...
h0w luvly.. n an0ther sweet little boy gave me
(i dun n0e h0w 2 named it,,)
i juz named it "IKAN"..(bc0z he t0ld me,, this ikan is 4 u)
0h,,it's really touched my heart n s0ul..
thanx 2 them..

those were da first n 2nd gift f0r a teacher.(me) :D

The cute small fish and the Red rose

clearly seen the red rose n ikan

Tht's all 4 ths p0st,, still new,, and still learning.. :D