Thursday, December 23, 2010

don't take anyone for granted.. :)

A word of advice for me..........


especially your friends... believe me you're gonna hurt them....
It's HURTING.....
every single second the clock ticking,, you are not realizing that you've hurt them...

""Friendship is always a sweet responsibilty, never an oppourtunity."" ~ KAHLIL GIBRAN

S0,, just a short and simple message to your friends... tell them {{ where are you/ you miss them/ hey let's hang out/ you forgot to call me/
hey i da blik msia..// hey, i kt singap0re rite now / hey i da blik singap0re / or whatever}}}

but you didn't do it.. bc0z u take me for granted.... :'(

okay.. that's funny...*that's s0 n0t me.!!!! *i guess...hahahaha :'(

Friday, December 10, 2010

0leh saya

As i could remember,
I was talking to you,
I was yelling at you,
To improve your personality,
To make it looked perfect as everyone else wished

But, what was that for?
I'm losing you right now,
From the moment you walked away
And disappeared from my sight.

And now, it has been 8 years of waiting,
Waiting and wanting you to come back,
Please!! I'm begging you to come back,

Although i'm still waiting,
I pray for your better life out there,
I miss you and I always do......

jiha~11th Dec 2010 SRC room, CEF@ FKK.....

hahaha... s0rry.. x bag0s mane pun.. it was a 15 minutes' idea... idea yg merapu-rapu while waiting for my sister to settle her work.. :) ngahahaha.. bye2..

0h G0d,, i was writing this on the white board at the Chemical Engineering Faculty... I f0rg0t t0 erase it....die la.... *lari2*