Saturday, October 10, 2009

My 0ppini0n V0l 1

The qu0ttati0ns were taken from the internet..juz wanna share my oppinion with the readers..
u can share ur 0ppini0n and lemme kn0w if u wanna p0st it at ur 0wn bl0g.. :) i'll read it..hihihi

  • A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile.

Hahaha.. it’s true.. when u smile to sum1,, the pers0n that u smile to, will smile back at u.. but the percentage is 65% because n0wadays there are al0t 0f ppL wh0 prefer n0t to smile to any0ne.. hahaha… (masalah bet0l) they rather l00king at their handph0nes t0 check whether g0t any message sent by their friends.. (padahal xde p0wn trime ape2 msj 1 ari tue).. I l0ve 2 smile to ppL (but n0t every guy la…nnt ckp I gedix plaks)..if I see a guy smile at me in a p0lite way,, I’ll smile back and n0d my face to sh0w s0me respect… penah je I senyum kt bapak 0rg n a boyfriend 0f a girl. (bc0z they sh0wed me s0me respect.. s0,, why n0t t0 smile back t0 them.. huhuhu..)

  • If you love someone more than anything,

Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.

100% agree…(excluded Allah and Prophet Muhammad bec0z the l0ve t0wards them are eternity and I believe Allah is always near t0 me).back to the q0ute.. this apply to my family,, and friends.. 0h g0d.. I l0ve my family m0re than any0ne else… and I dun have to w0rry c0z distance 0nly the matters to my mind, and my physical b0dy, c0z first,, I am very far fr0m them and second,,, sumtimes I am busy with my assigments (p0y0) and sumtime make “sikit” distance between me and my family in my mind… but in my heart and s0ul.. There’s n0 distance at all.. I feel that they are always beside me.. Always talk t0 me….(pendek kan)

It als0 apply in the relati0nship…I have a l0t 0f friends wh0 feel this way with their partner… believe me.. if u l0ve him m0re than anything,, u can 0nly feel the distance in the mind.. n0t in the heart… and I believe that a distance relationship d0es w0rk …Trust ur partner..huhu..v0te f0r distance relati0nship.. (p0y0 x??)

  • It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it.

100% disagree…f0r me,, it is n0t easy f0r me t0 say this three w0rds… but if I already said it t0 sum1 in a bit,, I repeat,, a bit serious way, it means I really l0ve u..0h I’ve said it t0 my friendszzz and it d0esn’t take me a lifetime t0 pr0ve it…

They kn0w that I l0ve them and the enemies kn0w that I hate them.. see,, n0 need a lifetime t0 pr0ve it…hahaha…0wh,, btw,, t0 say I l0ve u sumtime takes 5 sec0nds.. I........L0ve..........y0u.. see,, m0re than 3 sec0nds..hahaha...

0kay,, there are al0t m0re t0 g0….tunggu dan lihat… :)

yg taip x menentu ,,



anak pak man said...

A smile can also be inspired by a Barbie wristwatch.. hehe

The Tearaway said...

hahaha... nice barbie wristwatch..:)
like it.. :) buy 0ne 4 me.. :D

The Exquisite Instigator said...

i love the quotations :D

The Tearaway said...

hahaha... thanx.. :)