Thursday, March 24, 2011


errr... I'm thinking of managing another blog..... but I' not sure about it... Some  friends asked me to write/ share something valuable rather than posting all sorts of nonsense things here. BUT!!
i guess this blog is not suitable for that... this blog is full with CRAPS... if crap is an animal,, i'll be a rich lady because I 'rare' CRAPS in my blog and THEIR FAMILies develop in my blog day by day...I can sell it and get some money to travel to US.....*CHECKING US flight ticket and it's cheap..probably next year~~~~~ *

so, i'll be creating a new blog and post more relevant, intelligent and serious topic...but.. the BIG Q here is 



{I hope it can be a reality or it will turn out to be in the 'things-not-to-do' lists.. huhuhu :D}

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