Sunday, July 18, 2010

st0ry telling

This st0ry was brought up during the CM discussion…. When I was in f0rm 3,, I had a teacher wh0 taught us Arabic Language f0r c0mmunicati0n… she had been teaching me since I was in f0rm 2 s0 she “probably” g0t t0 kn0w my classmates and I “better”..

S0 the st0ry g0es like this,, when we’re having the class with her, we were listening t0 her and maybe,, we did something that she didn’t like.. She started to shout and said that “kamu memang suka buat macam ni dekat saya kan” (u like to do this to me rite?? *direct translati0n*) and she she went 0ut fr0m the class,,, 0h g0sh.. “what have we d0ne?” asked 0ne 0f my best friend… I said that I didn’t have any idea 0f what had just happened..

Then we went t0 the teachers’ r00m “chased” her and asked f0r f0rgiveness.. and we t0ld her that we would n0t repeat the mistake that we’ve d0ne….but we didn’t kn0w 0ur fault…. ????

When we asked her,, she was just kept her mouth shut and let us w0ndered what we’d d0ne.. s0me 0f the “inn0cent” girls in my class were fighting with their tears…but I was in the “0ther w0rld” thinking why all of the sudden she’d became m00dy and mad at us??

I th0ught 0f our behaviour.. maybe because 0f the n0ise that we made in the class.. 0r the b00k that we didn’t submit… but,, hey that’s n0rmal 0kayh..and after a few days 0f drama she accepted the apologiessss and entered our class as usual.. alth0ugh I felt awkward but,, I tried to act n0rmal…

and that was the first time… when she did that f0r the sec0nd time and s0me 0f the girls (d0n’t think 0f me crying because that was imp0ssible f0r that scenari0) I felt fed-up… (have u feel it bef0re?? haha)

my classmates decided to seek f0r revenge!!! Hahaha that’s n0t true..

we went to the teachers’ room again and minta maaf AGAIN!!!... but n0w,, we decided to g0 there 0nce.. and gave her the time she “needed”… and after a few days,, the lessons went “awkward-n0rmal” (there’s n0 such w0rd..haha)

and it turned 0ut that 0nly 0ne student in my class g0t A f0r her subject….
i g0t C and i didn't blame her because it was my fault....

Maybe s0me 0f us thought that this subject wasn’t interesting anym0re.. as f0r me,, I find Arabic language is very interesting but I just didn’t like what the teacher had d0ne t0 me… I l0st my concentrati0n during her class…..duhhh,,, u can see

h0w teacher can give a big impact t0 the students…

err ,, I mean student like me… :(


sya mansor said...

maybe she had PMS, who knows.

anak pak man said...

Tactical mind games maybe?

Really pathetic though..

nurayafuka chee~ said...

not enough 'kasih-sayang' perhaps?


Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

agree with sya :)

The Tearaway said...

Ilyana n Sya : PMS doesn't give da permissi0n to sc0ld the "innocent" students.. :(

anwar : yup,, SGT pathetic!!

shap : cian dy,, was giving her with "kasih sayang" but inikah balasannye??? :P

hidayah dzulkifli said...

haha..i'm ur exclassmate..and still clearly remember that moment..
but its ok jiha. i've got B for that subject..
but the most important here, we've been facing the best moment with all of our friend at 3A1.
macam2..and really mish u..

The Tearaway said...

hidayah : hahahaha... yup agree... sweet memories with 3A1 frens.. :)
miss u 2 dek yah... nnt kne wat makan besar lg.. :)