Friday, April 2, 2010

I l0ve u Ferrerossss

Hi,, I g0t the idea of letting u n0e my favourite chocolates because who knows, maybe you wanna give me one during my birthday,, anniversary, teacher day,
Friendship day, and EVERYDAY…. huhuu

Yes, I’m so into chocolate.. but I don’t really into the bar chocolate.. but if u wanna give a choco bar,, sepuluh jari saya mnghulur..
But lemme tell my favourite chocolates first… in this p0st, I will emphasise 0n the Ferrer0 pr0ducts.. :)

what i like the most about Ferrero is that the packaging of each and every chocos they made.
although i would say that it is a c0mplex packaging 0f ch0c0 but, that makes the ch0c0s l00k s0 specials... .. :) the ch0c0s l00k very exclusive and they have their 0wn "identity"

1. Kinder Bueno..

Oh my g0d,, I like…I like.. Bueno is one of the Ferrero products…
(that is why when u have tasted it,, you’ll think of Ferrero Rocher)
The taste is more or less as same as the Rocher…
It’s a milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milk and hazelnut filling… superb :)

simple package but it als0 looks expensive (it is expensive)

2. Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher W0,,, I like.. Crisp Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate-Covered Specialty, with a smooth filling and whole Hazelnut…Again,, Ferrero product which I admire.. Although I ate it 20 pieces in a Chinnese New Year visit, I still felt like i wanna eat some more.. wowowowo…
they are like the g0ld to me :P

3. Ferrero Rondnoir
very exclusive packaging.. :)

Ferrero Rondnoir…huhuhu.. I like.. Crisp Dark Chocolate-Covered Specialty, with a smooth filling and A dark (I repeat a DARK) chocolate centre.. my g0d,, when I first tasted it,, I felt like flying in the sky… You should try it,, but I repeat it’s a dark chocolate.. if you don’t like the chocolate with no sugar added,, please don’t try it.. You’ll give bad impression on this Rondnoir…hihihii :) Warrhhhhhhh :)

4. Ferrero Raffaello

These though are white chocolate, filled with a praline cream and a hazelnut, and coated in desiccated coconut. Sounds lovely rite??? It is very delicious… 0h my g0d,, I’m craving for this ferrero. When u open the transparent packaging of this Raffaello, you will smell the coconut scent. If u are 0ne 0f ch0c0 l0ver, u will agree wth me that white choco is a bit sweeter than the normal ch0c0. S0 when u taste this Raffaello, u will feel that it is a bit sweater than Rocher. But I juz l0ve it because 0f the coconut coating..yummy… I like~~~

0ne thing f0r sure is that the price f0r all these ch0c0sss are very,,,very,,very,, expensive but sumtime u can spend 0n the things u like and s0 d0 i...but most of the time i can 0nly l00k at them because they are too expensive f0r me...s0b..s0b..s0b...

s0,, that's it f0r this p0st,, will tell u ab0ut other fav ch0c0s...but ferrero's pr0ducts = awes0me.. :)


Cikgu AL said...

syg,kt sini nnt u akan expose ng various kinds of choc yg xde kt msia~choc ni sgt milky~even yg simple brand pun!haha

The Tearaway said...

waaahhhhh,,,, l00king 4ward 2 "meet" them.. :) suke2.. thnx aliah,,, u bce my bl0g yg x seberape ni.. :)
miz u.. :)