Thursday, February 17, 2011

khabaran seberang laut

Alhamdulillah,, I’d landed in Sydney last Friday. I couldn’t tell you what felt when I stepped in the plane.. I could not believe that was the plane which would take us to Sydney. The journey from KL-SYD took about 8 hours which is the same as the journey from Malacca-Penang if you go there by bus..

Thanks to Captain Neo and The Crews for the great services which were sponsored by the government and MAS airlines… (bodek plak) . The crews did so much works for me..hahaha.. I called them few times eventhough the plane hadn’t depart yet… hahahaha… I was asking…opss “WE” were asking for plain water… we were so thirsty and I caught my friend who went to the crews’ counter and took the water on her own.. hahahaha c0mel giler.. :)
hahaha...sp0t 3 cups in  the picture :)

So much new things I discovered in the plane because that was my first time travel with MAS airlines (bodek lg). after Subuh, I wasn’t able to sleep so I decided to watched the channel and fair enough I got CARTOON for the morning show… I was very excited (head to toe) because I watched this..

              pOWER PUFF GIRL   &                            M0J0 J0J0..  :)


 THEN, i played this...

Then we had our breakfast 2 hours before we arrived.


Then here.. I’m in Sydney.. After almost a week I am still JET LAG….wait for my next p0st….tata~~

check out my first lunch in sydney ... sedap

             These are 'us' reporting for T.I.O.T.R.B


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