Saturday, August 18, 2012

Duit Raya Lagi??

duit raya kembali!~!!!

duit raya bersama JIHA..

Alhamdulillah.. this is the 3rd year of "Duit Raya bersama Jiha" contest

well,,, this time around

sama je c0ntest dia... as last year... and m0st 0f the w0rdings in this p0st were taken fr0m the previ0us c0ntest..  (MALAS NAK FIKIR AYAT)

Using an A4 paper to create GREETING for JIHA
just like the previous year....

0k,,, ala2 macam nie je.... tapi if k0rang nak buat cantik2 pun x pe.. i x bagi extra duit raya for the best graphic presentation pun... Yang penting syarat utama tue mesti pass...

AGAIN : the 1st condition is to write the raya's greeting on a piece of A4... i repeat A4 paper  :)

find me at Macquarie University from This coming Monday 20/08/2012..

ONLY FOR THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duit limited sebab i xde duit....   elaun n0n had0!!  :(

0wh!! d0n't expect duit raya itu besar... maybe 50cents je.... h0h0h0h0....

maybe it's y0ur chance t0 get 50cents....  :) mne tahu dapat duit kertas...  :)

seee ya....

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