Saturday, June 4, 2011

her respect for people

there are a lot of reasons why i love this beautiful young lady.... but the most important reason is that she is very humble and she is very respectful towards all her fans...  :)

not every public figure can do that... i respect her.... sangat2  :) so far,,she's a very nice person + the fact that she is a beautiful-richie-rich-but-humble young lady   :) (ape punye bahasa da)

this is what i wanna share with you people...

click here for the video....
 or try to search from youtube 'panggilan hangit lisa surihani'

please listen carefully @3.35 ,, @4.43 from that video.... that makes u think more about her..  :)

#bahaha i haven't touch my assignments and the exam is just around the corner....

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